Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Menu for Hope

Rain. Cold. Run. Sleep. Study. Draw. Paint.

These activities/adjectives/what-have-you have dominated my life the past few days, and each played into rewarding activities (another final art project completed and my first half marathon behind me) that have left me feeling both accomplished and exhausted.

This blog entry is not about me, though, nor about my kitchen activity. It is about Chez Pim's event Menu for Hope that I am asking everyone to consider supporting. If I had had the foresight and resources, I'd be offering my own prizes. Instead, this year I'm going to point you toward my favorites.

Get your questions about Menu for Hope answered here.

See beautiful pictures of the people of Lesotho, Africa, who are receiving this year's funds via a school lunch programme and the UN World Food Programme's support of local, subsistent farmers here.

And lastly, there are the prizes for those of us who are able to live in daily abundance with little thought of an empty fridge.

...Okay, so I thought I would be able to pick out some extra-special prizes to entice you, but as I scroll down the list I'm completely torn! There are some amazing opportunities and publications available, not to mention food and drink.

You're just going to have to check it out! (Overwhelmed with choices? I have a hunch you can't go wrong with Chocolate & Zucchini's upcoming book Clotilde's Edible Adventures in Paris or Smitten Kitchen's box of cookies.)

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Lael- is there a 'food bloggers' forum you are part of?