Thursday, February 7, 2008

Taking a Break

I have decided to take a break from blogging and blog-visiting for about six weeks. This is not only an effort to make a daily sacrifice but to use the time I would ordinarily spend on blogs expressing myself through painting and drawing and other types of creativity that are more difficult to discipline myself in.

I started this blog last October and have been so grateful for the comments and encouragement I have received. I have been inspired in cooking, art, and word by many in this food blog world, including Orangette, Chocolate & Zucchini, 101 Cookbooks, Aapplemint, and Smitten Kitchen. Go explore their sites if you haven't before. Just remember to come back to me!

Peace to you in this season -- the mingling of winter's chill with spring's hopeful awakening.


Kate / Kajal said...

aww Lael ... that is soo sweet of you. Thanks so much for thinkin so highly of my blog. I'm flattered. U have a wonderful blog too, and i really enjoy dropping by.

Rachael said...

I admire your effort for a balanced life...those attempts are what helps establish our wholeness so our lives don't become lopsided. (It is hard to run a good race or fight a good fight when lopsided.) Besides, we get to appreciate what your focus on pencil & paint brings us-to hang on our walls!!

kristin said...

Lael - when will you be back? Will you share some of your art with us - or maybe some artistic recipes? I miss you and admire you for seeking the 360 degree life and honoring yourself.

Lael said...

Thank you for your sweet comments while I was away! It's so nice to know I'm missed, Kristin. And, yes, I will be posting a bit of artwork soon.

Steven said...

This is Steven, the biggest fan of Lael's cookies in the office. The cookies are amazing. They melt in your mouth and allow the different flavors to present themselves and then mingle in delightful ways.

Erin, who also works in our office, was talking to me about the cookies and said, "It's not fair because you get to spend all day with the cookies." You know the cookies are good when they can evoke emotions like jealousy.