Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Little String of Islands

You know what it's like to take the time to neatly roll pieces of clothing and tuck them into the corners of your suitcase so everything fits perfectly? I know that process all too well, but in my last two journeys those sardine-packed contents have become a mound inside my suitcase that forces me to keep the expanding zipper undone.

I left for Hawaii a week ago today and was there until Sunday. The next three nights I slept on different mattresses, one in San Francisco, one in Watsonville (I think?), and one in Stockton. I've decided to stick around this place for two more days. Then I don't even know where I'll be sleeping.
But let's talk Hawaii.

I've mentioned before my deep attachment to this little string of islands. I was born in Kona, on the Big Island, but both my mom and brother were born on Oahu, which has tended to be our family's island of choice whenever we're able to spend time there.

So I returned to Hawaii, but this time with a bigger agenda than spending time on the beach and frequenting Matsumoto. My friend got married! She was my next door neighbor in the freshman dorm at college and my fellow West Coaster in a sea of Texans. It was so wonderful to spend these final days of singleness with her (and then watch her get married to one incredible guy).

It's funny how most of my favorite shots ended up being of drinks. And I don't have many of the beach because I didn't want to risk getting my camera sandy. So I'll post some of my favorite pictures, to include you in this little celebration I just got to be part of, and I hope you enjoy them. (The one at the top is of the three other bridesmaids.)

On another note, I have to share the camera I was given on Monday. Still not sure how to operate the beautiful thing to its greatest potential, but I'll start experimenting soon!


GrantJM said...

Capturing photo memories, will be as expansive and compelling as the images on canvas you create...I predict.

Lael said...

aw, thanks Dad...I certainly hope so.

Lisa said...

Beautiful pics. It looks like you'll put that new camera to good use. Good call on avoiding the sandy beaches.

Lael said...

Thanks, Lisa, for the compliment on my pictures!