Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Northwest Bug

Life's days are continuing to fly out from under me. Since getting to Bellingham, I've had my wisdom teeth removed, helped my mom move houses, prepped for and celebrated her wedding, and tried (with some success) to see people I'm needing to say goodbye to before heading across the Pacific Ocean...indefinitely.




Fortunately I've made it to the farmer's market twice, as you can see above, and spent time in one of my favorite cafes; the third floor of Village Books and the view out the window are what you see in the photos below.





The Temple Bar is on the schedule for later this week, and a day in Seattle is coming tomorrow, so somehow I'll satisfy a bit of my Northwest bug before heading out on the road for ten days. My sister and I will be winding our way down the coast visiting friends and family on our way to LAX with suitcases and plenty of cameras and playlists in tow.


GrantJM said...

Beautiful photos, Lae. Are they taken with your DigSLR? Wish I had an appt at Temple Bar with you also. I love you, Dad.

Michelle Stiles said...

Thanks for capturing a bit of Bellingham through your eyes. I will be at the Temple Bar later this evening... Maybe our paths will cross. Please take some pictures while you are there. I love the place!

gypsy said...

I really enjoy your photographic perspective, the angles you use and DOF really add to the impact of each photograph. And funny, I just finished reading "A Homemade Life" and would love to visit Delancey! I'll pop back to learn about your adventures in NZ. ~ Tammy

Lael said...

GrantJM: Yes, Dad, these were with my lovely new camera, the Nikon D90!

Michelle: The Temple Bar really is lovely! Wine, cheese, local feel...all my favorite things!

Gypsy: Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for leaving your compliments, Tammy. I'm missing my copy of A Homemade Life being across the ocean in NZ! At least there's always Molly's recipe archive on Orangette.