Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving and Springtime

Well, it's the week of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving week, and I'm eating local strawberries and visiting the farmers' market for fresh tomatoes and spring lettuces. It's all a bit bizarre, but I love the oddity as well. In fact, I'd be content forgoing the heavy Thanksgiving food if I didn't happen to be around other Americans. But we seem to be inescapable people, so, of course, I'll embrace the festivities. (And, really, pumpkin pie goes down well any time of year.)

In the meantime, let's talk farmers' market. One of my favorite subjects.

This weekend was my first time to visit the Auckland City Farmers' Market, and while it was lovely, and I hope to go back, it was quite small. For the time it took to get into the city (not to mention park - I'll definitely bus next time), I was underwhelmed. I suppose there are other farmers' markets around the city, but this seemed like The One. If that's true, then a small city like Bellingham just put Auckland to shame.

Still, I'll go back. All the more reason, right? This place needs some lovin'. And ordering a coffee at the Kokako Coffee stall to sip while strolling by the cheeses, honeys, herbs, and pastries doesn't sound half-bad on a Saturday morning, even if you find yourself back where you started in five minutes.

I picked up some fresh hand-stretched mozzarella from a vendor whose name I don't recall and enjoyed it in a simple tomato-full panzanella yesterday. If only it was practical to carry a pot of basil home with me too.

Being that last Saturday was the market's third anniversary as well, there was live music by Reb Fountain. I didn't stay around too long for a good listen but liked the little I heard. Without her, her band, and their groupies, I'm curious as to the atmosphere of the market on the average day. Will it feel emptier? Quiet?

Only one way to find out.


Rachael said...

Do you think New Zealanders don't need farmers' markets like Americans because they are more resourceful to come up with their homegrown produce, etc on their own?
That is where I was introduced to the weekly vegie/fruit box delivery. (It was wonderful!) And so often received the overflow produce of friends & neighbors--avid gardeners in their backyards.

Blessed Rain said...

looks yummy

Lael said...

Rachael: Mum, I think that's definitely valid about Kiwis and their gardens. And, yet, they don't seem to have more gardens than Northwest residents these days. What they do have everywhere are produce stores that sell fruits and vegetables for pretty cheap. OR maybe it's just naturally a smaller niche because of the smaller population of this country. Other theories?

Blessed Rain: Thanks for visiting my blog!

Shan. said...

Nice pix as always!

Mrs. Langford said...

Lael, I made your lemon bread gluten free and it was a BIG hit! Thanks for sharing, and I am so relieved to know you found pumpkin pie in NZ. I love you! Visited with Lauren S. yesterday and shared some Elijah time with her. I look forward to a visit from you some day.

Christine Elaine said...

Hey Soniya, I forgot how much I use to come here that one semester so long to read your blog. I did it all the time and it was just oh so nice to get back on and read what you have to say. I think I'll start again.