Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This New Ol' Life

In all the new ways of life in an old place such as Bellingham, I am being reminded of the motivation and renewed energy that can come with change and of the opportunity to shed and refine bits of my old self. Surely, the opportunities are here, but the motivation only occasionally raises its head.

I'm not only needing to be intentional with digging into the darker inner parts of self but intentional in keeping a grasp on the little things that bring me joy: making art (this is a big joy-source), breathing fresh morning air when the world is still mostly silent, baking for others, cooking a meal that I'm excited to eat, and savoring the joy that lit my steps as I prepared to walk into my present job.

So many things to be grateful for in this day...


  • An art project that led me to discover this beautiful tree at a quiet new-to-me park.
  • Roommates to come home to.
  • Bright and deeply green lush hillsides.
  • New names to learn and hands to shake.
  • Sunshine after yesterday's rain.
  • Hot tea on cold hands.
  • Music for just the right mood.
  • The smell of a shop full of cheese.
  • Squirmy dissatisfaction that signals shifts (for the better) must come.


Rachael said...

Having you back in Bellingham is the best thing Bellingham has known...since you left for college.
Bellingham is more beautiful because of you!

Michelle Stiles said...

I am soooo happy that you have made Bellingham your home at this time. It is a great place - at any stage in life.

colt 45 said...

Are you still working at the cheese-shop? I bet you can name and recognize a hundred different kinds of curdled milk by now...

elise kristen said...

and can i now add...a house/a home! p.s. you need to take me to that tree sometime.

Blessed Rain said...

I love the smell of cheese, and I love hot tea in cold hands.
Great photos! Life is a journey and its so much better when you see it that way!