Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chronicling Days Off I

I love my job, but, oh, I love my days off. They are not all leisurely, but I certainly try to make them as much so as possible. Capturing their little details through my camera lens helps stretch out their pleasure and remind me of all that was enjoyable when I am in the midst of a tiring week...

[Days off are for] baking bread.

bread dough in bowl

bread dough

(My latest favorite recipe for everyday bread.)

oatmeal sandwich bread

[Days off are for] admiring the stark lines of bare branches against winter grey.

slants and peeks

[Days off are for] eating Red Velvet Cake for an afternoon snack.

red velvet cake

[Days off are for] wearing warm fuzzy slippers from New Zealand wool.

wooly slippers

[Days off are for] digging into my sister's stash of Lavender Earl Grey tea.

lavender earl grey


Kirsty Lee said...

I KNOW that red velvet is the BEST cake!! :-) And I love your photos xo

Lael said...

Kirsty: Oh, it is good, isn't it?! Thank you for swinging by this space.

GrantJM said...

Lael - I love the new banner on your heading...nice color change.

elise kristen said...

And I KNOW that my stash of diminishing lavender earl grey is the BEST!! But I am thankful for its quick disappearance because it reminds me that I have you around to share good sips and bites with :)

Michelle Stiles said...

I just made a bread very similar to Molly's. It was amazing. I am going to have to try this one.