Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chronicling Days Off II

The sun has been generous to show its face in Bellingham the last few days.

window views III

Though it will be nice to finally have curtains on all my windows soon, I might just get in the habit of pulling one back right before slipping into bed so that I don't lose these opportunities for slow soft awakenings by morning light. An old fence, dirty white, and barren branches of plum trees fill my view. I know whether it is windy by the sway of the tall pines beyond. A damp grey blanket, puffy white clouds, or clear blue offer hints as to what I will encounter as I habitually move through quiet living room, step across cold kitchen floor, and fill my water glass at the sink beneath a window that faces the fresh day's sun.

This little house embraces outside light in such a rich sweet way that ten months into dwelling here, I still revel in it...

window views I

[Days off are for] admiring new curtains hanging over closet space.

new curtain

[Days off are for] sipping another brand of ginger ale/beer and hoping I'll taste a bit of New Zealand.

ginger ale
(I have yet to find one that matches up, though Delancey's house recipe is the closest.)

[Days off are for] making wheaten tea biscuits to replenish my depleted supply of Digestives.



Michelle Stiles said...

Oh, thanks for a few shots of Bellingham. Those cookies look perfect, I can taste them through your photo. Recipe?

Rachael said...