Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Simplicity surprises

Sometimes the simplest things bring happiness. Like meyer lemons. And polaroid film.

I love it when simplicity surprises. I didn't think much of this shot when I took it, but seeing it on my computer screen tonight, I'm quite pleased.

What do you think? Do the colors please you like they do me?


Rachael said...

My sweet artist,
Your heart is even more beautiful than all the beauty around you which your eyes see. And, thanks for sharing the beauty you see!

Shan. said...

Meyer lemon..Is that the same as Orange?
I would have eaten it before thinking about capturing it on a film :-). Beautiful!

Lael said...

Rachael: Thanks for caring, Mum. You taught me so much of what I know of beauty.

Shan.: Meyer lemons are best explained as a cross between a lemon and orange. You can't quite see from this picture, but they're shaped like lemons but are more orange colored and have a taste that sits squarely between the two fruits: tangy but sweet.