Sunday, June 21, 2009

Something New

Those of you who read One Hungry Soul because you know me personally may be interested to know that I started a new blog about a week ago. It is to chronicle the next phase of my life once I hold the long-anticipated title of "college graduate."

In mid September I'm hoping to move to Auckland, New Zealand and you can read all the details over on this blog:

I do not plan on phasing out One Hungry Soul any time soon. There will be plenty to share between the time I leave Abilene next month and depart for NZ. I'll be spending a month in California, mostly in San Francisco, and almost a month more in Washington. Even beyond that, I am planning on maintaining this blog with the topics of photography and food and life-beauty.

If you want a more detailed perspective on my life in New Zealand, I'll be sharing what I'm learning and how I'm growing in more intimate details over on my new blog. Otherwise, stay tuned right where you're at. I cannot wait to capture the beauty of the little country of the kiwi bird through my viewfinder.

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