Thursday, January 17, 2013

Speaking in Food

I am honored to be part of another project that's brewing in the blogosphere.

Thanks to the vision and passion of my dear friend, Meiko, four of us former college roommates have reunited in a new space. This one is clean and airy, featuring beautiful dishware and conversations beyond the pressure of papers due, naps we long to take, and professors who frustrate us (or have won our hearts). We're no longer dealing with university housing, our plates somewhat match and are no longer dominantly plastic, and we're not compartmentalizing one tiny refrigerator, filled to overflowing with the groceries of four different girls with four different cooking styles.

Yet, our common ground in our diversity of tastes, birthplaces, and languages was the kitchen.

Please take a few minutes to visit Speaking in Food, and keep your eye out as more posts come.


Elise Meidal said...

LOVE this idea! Looking forward to reading it.

Meiko said...

Thank you Lael!!! I'm so happy to start this project with you!

Al said...

Lael, I'm glad to see your blog is "cooking" along. Today in Creative Nonfiction Workshop we begin working on making blogs, and the students will be visiting O.H.S. You provide a example of strong writing and gorgeous photos. best - prof. haley