Saturday, September 20, 2008

Attention: We have a Recipe Index

This past week I have been putting together a long-overdue recipe index for One Hungry Soul. There is a link to it on the sidebar that will always be there, but in I wanted to call it to your attention with a little post.

So, hop on over to One Hungry Soul's Recipes to find links to posts relating to the above images. While not all my baking and cooking endeavors have recipes directly posted on my site, there is always at least a link to where I got it from.

Bon app├ętit!


GrantJM said...

Nice addition, Lael!

Tinymouse said...

hic, they make me hungry

Lael said...

Grantjm: Thanks. It was about time, I think.

Tinymouse: That's one of the greatest compliments a food blogger can be given, so thank you.

Suzana said...

Hi Lael, thanks for dropping by my blog, and leaving such a nice note. I'm glad you did 'cause it made me come here and meet your lovely blog! :)

Lael said...

Suzana: dontcha love the blogging world :)