Thursday, October 22, 2009

Essential Details


One Hungry Soul has been haunting me. Each photograph my camera captures translates to something else to blog about - my new life in this gorgeous country deserves much more documentation than I am allotting it. And so, as I sit on my bed on this quiet night, I retrace my steps over the past few weeks, hoping not to miss the essential details that desire to be shared.

Here's one: Sharing a warm, dry home with a seven-year-old and his mother as the spring rain persists in the watering of already drenched soil.



I moved out of that sweet little house a week ago but want to offer a glimpse into my surroundings there before this blog moves on as well.




During the hushed gaps in the coming weekend, I anticipate a more thorough catch-up on life's photo log.

Beaches and plenty of cappuccino cups await.

beauty neglected


Michelle Stiles said...

dreamy Lael. Just dreamy....

Rachael said...

I love every glimpse you share with us. Thanks so much, my far-away-daughter who I miss so much. I'm glad you are where there is so much beauty to savor. I know you won't let it pass you by.

Elise said...

love the photos of liam! he is precious. you are precious.

Lael said...

Michelle: Thanks!

Rachael: Mum, I'm trying my best to savor every bit.

Elise: YOU are precious.