Saturday, October 24, 2009

Holidaying in Raglan

Like I have mentioned, among my most cherished moments in returning to New Zealand have been reunions with old friends.

Almost two weeks ago, two friends (one acquired at the age of five and the other as friend-number-one fell in love with and married friend-number-two) drove up to Auckland for long-awaited conversations carried out with no computer in between. Of all the people I've looked forward to seeing while here, P. and H. were among the top.

We headed down to Raglan on a beautiful Sunday afternoon to spend three nights at their bach (Kiwi for vacation home). It was a lovely two-hour drive south of the city to Hamilton and then due west. The road between Hamilton and Raglan climbed to stunning views, but I knew that attempts at truly capturing it through the car window, in all its splendor - the sharp peeks and diving valleys, some shaved to clean green grass and others populated with trees - were slim.

Once in Raglan, there were plenty of photo ops, but it turned out that my favorite place to pull out the camera was at a cafe called Tongue & Groove. We went there twice for coffee, and it was just the sort of place I'd like to always have down the road. Painted wood floors with the dark naked boards revealed from wear, vintage patterned counter tops in alternating colors, a chalkboard menu, and even a table fashioned from half a surfboard protruding from the wall and paired with old brown leather theater chairs. Lovely aesthetics, friendly staff, and a damn good cappuccino.

Tongue and Groove 1

Below is an earl grey tea that I purchased on my first visit. Then there's the brownie the three of us shared while sitting at the surfboard table.

Tongue and Groove 4

Tongue and Groove 2

But just so you know we didn't sit inside all day, here are some photos from around the area.





Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you had a nice time catching up with my brother & sister-in-law. I hope you get a chance to catch up with the rest of the family while you're here. Let me know when you're ready to see some of the South Island, and I'll see what I can do.

Rachael said...

Lovely photos, priceless friendships, delicious flavors, stunning views, surprising have it all.

Love you & miss you!

Lisa said...

I've enjoyed catching up with you thru your blog. I continue to be a big fan of your photography. I have "Desire" displayed in my new home at Hendrick Home for Children; the girls get a kick out of it.
New Zealand sounds adventurous - enjoy your sweet reunion with that beautiful place.

Lael said...

Michal: I hope to see the rest of you too! Definitely at Xmas, I think, and then I think we'll have to arrange something on the South Island as well!

Rachael: Mum, thanks!

Lisa: I'm so glad you (and others) are enjoying my photo. Thanks for continuing to visit my blog!