Sunday, February 8, 2009

Family Time


With my family spread around the country (and some around the globe), it's always special when I get to spend time with relatives.

It just so happens that the family I have in Texas is incredibly photogenic, outdoorsy, and entertaining...




And that's just my little cousins.

My aunt and uncle have a wonderful laid back hospitality and appreciation of good food. Evidence of our delicious meals is lacking here, but gyros, an apple German pancake, and sourdough waffles were all on the menu. Not to mention the delicious home-brewed beer that went with our Saturday night homemade pizza dinner.

Besides the mandatory bread-making time my uncle and I spent together, we also got to bottle some delicious raspberry mead and taste-test a prickly pear variety he had been storing in his bedroom closet until we got the acidly just right.

Here are the bottles after a sanitizing bath of their own.



Tori said...

hey hey, i tagged you on my blog : )

Lael said...

oh fun.
cheers, tori.

Rachael said...

Thanks for sharing about your weekend. It is so wonderful to see their faces. I know you had a sweet time and I'm glad you get to do it again this weekend. AND I so look forward to seeing them with you in April!

Elise said...

lael, you continue to amaze me both in your writing and the way you capture such beauty so simply. thank you for proceeding to share yourself with all of us. you're lovely.