Saturday, February 21, 2009

Foodzie...and the Tangible Things of Life

I try not to get too sentimentally attached to material things, but sometimes I don't catch myself until it's too late. Case in point: Trevor. Or how 'bout the Nalgene I've had since high school that's traveled across the Atlantic and Pacific with me? It has been the subject of at least four art projects.


Then there's my purse from Oxford's weekly market. My mom has been begging me to pack it away for at least a year now, referring to it as more of a rag than a bag. I left it in a suitcase at her place after Thanksgiving and have been missing it the whole while. (It has also inspired art projects.)


So I think I've sufficiently proven that I am in fact quite attached to some fleeting, materialistic things. But I really do like to think that when the time comes that they're no longer around, I'll remember the sweetness of their beauty in my life and the memories they hold that have brought me to this day and be able to smile and move on.

The purpose behind this post just led me through the above thoughts because as I sit here and type and think of how much time I have spent on this laptop in the past week, I realize another device is being written into a brief bit of my story too. It will always be remembered as the computer proceeding the one I fried with water at six in the morning. Surely, it carries remnants between its keys of most every recipe I've read offline in the last year. (Don't read that part, Kris.) But most importantly, it has been the focus of innumerable hours of my time.

Between my studies, iTunes playlists, communication beyond this town, and going to Google for the answers to all my curiosities, there's no escape. What's more, exciting things have been happening in my life that only find me getting closer to this scratched-up, paint-smudged laptop and its loosely hinged screen.

That said, I'm hanging onto this trusty ol' thing and sending thanks heavenward for the internship that I get to do through it. That's right. I said internship!

I finally come to the point of this post and am excited to share that I've been invited on board temporarily with an amazing company. Seeing that this company is in San Francisco, California, and I'm in Texas (so close to finishing my fifth and final year of undergrad that I finally decided to stop transferring) everything is being worked out so that I can intern online.

The wonderful people I am working with turn the wheels behind the company Foodzie. Sound good already? I knew you'd think so. I mean, it does have the word "food" in it.

But more than just being about food, Foodzie was founded out of a passion for seeing artisan producers and growers find a market as well as helping consumers who care about quality and uniqueness find what they're looking for.

For example, this week I was working with the content for "stores" that sell fragrant loose leaf tea, make gourmet chocolate and nut butter cups of the most enticing combinations, and honor the savory palette with aromatic, organic herb rubs. And these are mostly things to come! Go ahead and take a look at what is already on the shelves!

Foodzie's blog is also a fun way to learn about the products featured on their site and offers videos and recipes from their interactions with contributing producers. Two recent posts I have enjoyed include a recipe for Dungeness Crab Cakes with Meyer Lemon-Saffron Aioli and a feature on Sunchowder's Emporia and their fantastic sounding Ginger Zucchini Jam.


Rob LaFave said...

We're so excited to have you working with us. Welcome to the team!

Rachael said...

Sweet Lily~that is a lovely photo of your really looks so cute, like in its better days (smile).
I'm so excited for you too! You shine.

Kierstin said...

IMHO there is nothing wrong with being attached to your nalgene! I still carry mine around religiously too-and the more character the better. Mine has even survived running over it in my car. :)

Lael said...

Rob: Thank you for the continually warm welcome!

Rachael: It makes me glad to hear sweet words coming out of your mouth about my purse. I better still find it in that suitcase when I'm home!

Kierstin: You have that nalgene to me! Remember? Junior or senior year of high school for my bday, I think. I'm sure my mom would throw it out with the purse, if she could :)

Lisa said...

This internship sounds like a great match! So YOU.
I've seen that nalgene in your pics. It is definitely a sign of our times.