Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Squares and Circles

I did it. Tonight I made my first ever bid on Ebay. And I won.

Now I am the giddy owner (well, almost) of a polaroid camera. No more drooling over polaroid blogs or flickr albums for me; I get to join in the beauty of it all. Muted colors, fuzzy edges, oh joy.

In the meantime, I have narrowed my collection of photos through my zoom lens down to four that I'm going to turn in for my photography class. They're cropped in a square format (like polaroids, ironically) but are working with the circle within the frame.






TeaLady said...

Good for you. I got my Sony Digital on Ebay. Have been going there for years, and only rarely disappointed.

Tori said...

i really like this style you're doing!