Monday, February 2, 2009

The Swing of (New) Things

Three days without blogging daily, and I feel like this discipline of mine could easily slip through my fingers. It's crazy how that happens sometimes.

Something compelled me to sit down and make the time for this post tonight, though, and so hopefully I'll adjust back into the swing of things.

This "something" was surely a combination of the desire to share an account of my weekend as well as follow through on my promise. That said, this weekend was wonderful. It was an escape away to a place that felt eerily like home at one moment (while wandering through Denton's small local natural food store, Cupboard) and uniquely Lauren in all other areas. She's a dear friend, and I'm always happy to frequent Mr. Chopsticks with her, sit down for a warm drink at Jupiter House, and take a long walk when we and our group of girl friends gather together in her hometown. It's what we do. And it makes me happy.


I don't want to go on and on about my happiness tonight though. Especially if it's of no benefit to you. Perhaps this will be a fair exchange:

I have two tried-and-true recipes for you.

Dinner tonight involved Swiss Chard with Raisins and Almonds and Niçoise Crêpes. It may sound fancy, but don't be fooled. The whole affair was quick and easy. And delicious.

One more thing before I say good night. I have a new blog! Its current purpose is to document a photography project I have started that I am very excited about.

It may not be much to look at right now, but some very interesting stuff is on its way. I'd love it if you stopped by! Here's the link:


Sherry Trifle - Lovely Cats said...

I checked out that Swiss Chard recipe you made - it looks great. I'm trying to put more interesting vegetable meals in my diet, so this will be a good one to cook. Lots of luck with your new blog endeavor.

Lael said...

Sherry: Thank you for the good wishes! And I'd definitely try out that recipe sometime. It's fantastic. I'm thinking of substituting kale or some other hardy green next time because swiss chard is hard to find around here.

Lauren Sutton said...

The napkin in this picture looks like this beautiful Japanese handmade paper that I acquired from my favorite paper supplier in Deep Ellum. Man, Jupiter's gettin' upscale!

... I think you should move to Denton when you leave Abilene and I leave China. We could make books and sell trinkets at the Arts and Jazz festival and eat crepes every morning!

Lael said...

Lauren: That sounds like a dreamy life...the only thing is that I'd have to befriend Texas if I stuck around for Denton. But for that particular city and for you, I could try :)