Friday, July 17, 2009

A New City


It is quite difficult to backtrack just a week in my life and try to remember those sensations and activities because they are so very different from what I'm facing at present.

I spent last weekend wading through my belongings, sorting and simplifying, until I was down to two suitcases and a small box of winter clothes that got shipped to my mom's garage for future convenience. I struggled to enjoy this process, knowing I was missing precious time with friends who I needed to share some indefinite goodbyes with on Tuesday.

Tuesday afternoon I arrived in San Francisco, which I am embracing as my new home for the three weeks that I am here. This city is entirely different from Abilene, Texas, and I really don't think that statement requires any elaboration. You understand what I mean, right? Where are the gas-guzzling Ford pickups? And where did all the ethnic restaurants come from? All in all, I love it. I love that I can use my own two feet and the sidewalk to do errands or simply get from place to place and have innumerable companions. I love that I constantly hear snippets of conversations in different languages and, like tonight, encounter a man in full pirate attire - a plastic handled sword and all - simply crossing the street with his ordinarily dressed friends.

There are so many small details of my time in just the past three days that I would love to share, but I mainly want to talk about food and then close my eyes and get some sleep. Hopefully I'll be able to update this blog frequently to share the little moments too, but tonight you simply get an overview, my friend.

Foodzie has been an incredible place to intern and earn my last three university credits. I get to shoot photographs of food and help artisan food producers make their products available online, and through all of this, work with an incredibly intelligent, fun team. My first photos posted on a producer's site were granola bars by Olympic Granola, and they were easy to shoot because of their naturally aesthetic appeal (check out the strip of chocolate in the middle of the Mocha Mint one!) and delightful to sample in their post-photo-shoot state. I'd love to have a stock on hand for those times when a snack or breakfast on-the-go is necessary.



The Foodzie team and I went out for a spontaneous dinner at Delfina last night and enjoyed sitting outside on a gorgeous evening with good wine and satisfying pizza (my favorite was the broccoli raab). We also stopped by an event hosted by 18 Reasons, where I got to meet some more food-loving people.


The night was concluded with famous Bi-Rite ice cream, and I couldn't resist trying Sam's Sundae: chocolate ice cream with bergamot olive oil and sea salt on top with a dollop of whipped cream.

This evening we concluded the workweek at the ferry building over Humphry Slocombe's Salt & Pepper and White Miso Peach ice creams. They were both delightful in my opinion, possessing plenty of intrigue without sacrificing a fresh, subtly sweet flavor.


Tomorrow I'm taking my ol' 35mm to the farmers market bright and early and hoping to build up some good multiple exposure shots from my two rolls begun last week in Abilene. Fresh local fruits and vegetables seem like the perfect glimpse of San Francisco to add to these rolls of film that are traveling with me for the next two months. Can't wait to share the results!


daddyO and honey said...

oh, lael, i love your post and i felt i was walking along side you or i wish i were. i'm so happy for God's hand that gave you foozie!! take it all in as He would want you to have pleasure in His gift!! keep posting, i'll keep up with YOU!! love and peace.

amber said...

Thanks so much for sharing all your new experiences! I can't imagine ice cream with olive oil and sea salt, but it sure sounds like fun. :)

Rachael said...

Thanks for taking us along on your SF adventure. What change, what learning, what fun! Like your food, I'm sure you are savoring the experience. Take in all that God has for you there.

Emily said...

Amazed at the art you find in all things. I was there for that pizza and ice cream and simply went down the hatch! We're so thrilled to have you here at Foodzie. Even if it's only for three weeks...wish you could stay longer! :)

Lael said...

daddyO and honey: Cathie, I'm so glad this blog and yours will continue to link us. Much love.

Amber: Yes, it certainly was fun. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Rachael: Mum, I wish you could see a bit of my life here.

Emily: I wish I could too...but I'll take what I can get!

beauty and bread said...

oh my gosh! first of all, your granola photos are gorgeous! that's so exciting about your move (i also just read your most recent post) and I'm glad that you are enjoying SF so much! and bergamot olive oil sounds so exciting, as well as white miso peach ice cream! gosh, you're in food heaven!

i may be about to move to oklahoma city (?!?) in a couple weeks for a new job. i'm super nervous, but it's great to hear about how much you're loving your new home (although i'm sure that just comes a little easier with SF than with OKC).

Shan. said...

This view of the bridge is so beautiful..
Now SFO is going to be my next vacation spot.