Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Bicycle

Even though I do not live in a particularly biker-friendly town, I often wish I owned one.


Since moving into my apartment a year and a half ago, a charming old bicycle has leaned against the side of the building where I climb the stairs to our door. At first I looked at it longingly, but then I started to notice dust and cobwebs settle and coat the surfaces. Apparently it didn't do much pedaling.

Recently, my roommate and I were walking up our stairs together and she mentioned, "Oh, that's my bike."

"Your bike?!"

With a giggle she said, "Yeah, but I can't use it. I put a lock on it and forgot the combination."


Today I was walking home with my chin tucked down into my scarf and my sleeves pulled down into my fisted hands and noticing how everything around me matched. The tan bricks stacked into buildings, the stringy parched grass, the cracking dirt, and the few remaining fall leaves, now as crisp as Coffee Crunch Bars (which are amazing, by the way).

And then there was the bike. Muted to the hue of old red velvet by its collection of dirt, but still providing a pleasant contrast to its landscape, it welcomed me home.

I'm grateful for some constants in life, even if right now one of them is a bicycle whose immobile back wheel keeps it stationed at the foot of my staircase. At least it's pretty to look at. At least it's got some color.


Rachael said...

Well done! I love your words, your thoughts, your photos, your observations...

Michelle Stiles said...

Great Bike Lael!
I often forget what a biker friendly town I live in. We have actually been reconized as one of the biker friendlest towns in the US.
John, who grew up in Texas, reminds me that in some places he wouldn't dare bike on the road for fear of an irate driver swerving at him, yelling "get a truck!!!"
Time to dust off my bikes because the sun has appeared from its long hibernation in the the beautiful NW.

Lael said...

Rachael: Thanks! You are my most faithful reader :)

Michelle: There really are some perks to living in Bellingham! Though I can't relate to the "get a truck experience" (still, I believe it!), I often walk to the grocery store. Strangers offer to pick me up and drive me home, and I get the most bewildered looks when I turn them down because I WANT to walk!

Kierstin said...

makes me sad knowing such a treasure is sitting there collecting dust! cut that freaking lock! what honest conservative soul would steal in texas anyways?!

Tori said...

haha i was thinking the same thing, cut the damn lock & hop on that thing man!

Lael said...

Kierstin and Tori: You guys make me laugh...but you have a point! Surely someone has to have a metal cutter around here.

Anonymous said...

that's exactly the bike i am looking for! maybe i'll find my own one day. love you,brenna.