Monday, January 12, 2009

A Mess Too




Sometimes art just won't get done without creating a mess too.

Maybe this is why I shy away sometimes. I'm an orderly person most of the time, but after all the time spent listening to art-talk in my classes today, I went ahead and spilled scraps all over my bedroom floor and pulled out scissors, a marker, watercolor palette, paint brush, water cup, and x-acto knife.

I stole the water bottle scrubber from the kitchen too. It's just abrasive enough to scratch up a smooth photograph surface. I'm grateful that going to university classes means making prints, painting, taking photos, talking architecture, and singing songs about Napoleon in French.


Rachael said...

You have always had a talent for creating something beautiful from unlikely places & unlikely materials...that will never change. You can gather what is discarded and make it something to be admired.
You go girl! You have my applause.

Michelle Stiles said...

Welcome back. A very warm welcome back to the blog. I am very excited to read and look at all the other beautiful things you create besides food!

Lael said...

Thanks for the encouragement, my friends.