Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Hobbies and Old

If I have successfully fooled you into thinking that I'm forming new hobbies and leaving the old ones (i.e. cooking/baking) behind, the "fooled" part is right. Not as if that was really my intention.


Take today as an example:
I made my sourdough bread sponge before heading off in the morning;
came home to form the dough;
cooked up apples, onions, and bratwurst;
kneaded my bread and set it to rise;
made cookie dough for an office party later this week;
formed the dough into loaves;
and set out a bowl of dried beans to soak overnight.



In the midst of these projects, I slipped away to the art building to prep a canvas for my painting class. I also took the time to shoot some pictures for you. Enjoy.


Rachael said...

I do enjoy!

the purcells said...

i love the process of baking bread! glad to have just discovered your blog - looks great.