Tuesday, January 27, 2009

In the Winter Chill

My shoes crunched their way up the stairs to my front door tonight. Not because of dried leaves or snow but because a strange layer of whiteness has covered the land. It is not snow and it's not hail or sleet. Just fine shavings of ice that are unable to melt in the winter chill.

This very chill kept the temperature in the 20s today and called off all classes.

What better way to embrace winter weather at its truest, than making use of the oven, reading on a couch, and gazing outside through steamy windows at trees branches haloed by their icy encasement? And this is exactly what I did for the better part of the day.



This bread was an adaptation of an old standard. The only thing I did differently was to roll it out before shaping it into a loaf, then I rubbed it with a thin layer of butter and sprinkled cinnamon, cocoa, sugar, and raisins evenly across the top. I just rolled it up and tucked it into its loaf pan for one final rise from there. Delicious.


Rachael said...

I remember when you were so young and you always seemed to have a pencil or crayon in your hand. Now it seems to be a camera & a keyboard. The words still tumble out the same; a joy and wonder to read. And your pictures are still as wonderful, just created in a different way.

Michelle Stiles said...

Great pictures.
Really great pictures.
I love the days where there is no real good reason to go outside and hunkering down and enjoying the comforts of the house is the task at hand... all day!