Thursday, January 22, 2009

Underneath the Table

It was another sunny day.

Around noon, my roommate and I had the luxury of some downtime to sit in the living room together and randomly started digging into a box scooted tightly underneath the end table. I don't know what we expected to find but certainly not what came out...

A map of Indonesia*. (Okay, cool. Bright colors. Geography. We like this.)

A travel book on Indonesia. (The cover was bold and plain with early '90s coloring. But why Indonesia?)

Another book, this one entitled Ideas and Realities of Islam. (Seriously. Who was stalking this country?)

And, lastly, a Bible in Indonesian.


So unless someone comes back for this map, we're keeping it. The books...? Well, there's not a country in the world I wouldn't mind going to, but right now I'm focusing my energy more southeast of Indonesia. (Hint, hint! More to come.)

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy seeing the new company on our couch. Until we figure out where to hang him, Indonesia's staying propped right there.

I don't think we'll keep the books out on the coffee table, though. It might look a bit shrine-like.

*1/23/09: I confess ignorance here. I just assumed this map was of one of the main islands of Indonesia when I saw it...I was picturing Sumatra in my head, though I didn't know its name at the time. It only took one look at a map of Sumatra to know I was wrong, and so after some googling this morning, I have some more accurate information for you. Apparently "my" map is of an island off Sumatra. It is called Pulau Nias...which would make sense with the word "Nias" (another name for the island) in big, bold all-caps at the top of the map. :)


Rachael said...

Indonesia?...makes me think of Peter & Jonna; then there is always Travis, too. But none of them would be lurking around your apartment, right?

beauty and bread said...

haha, I always thought you were storing something in that box (didn't it have your address on it)? where in the world could that have come from?

Lael said...

Beauty and bread: hm, if it's not yours, Kelly, I really wonder where it could have come from?!